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VS370 Flashing/Blinking display.

  • Ensure there is water in the tank and is sitting securely on the base.

  • Make sure you are not using 100% distilled or reverse osmosis (R.O.) water, filters for this will prevent the unit from working correctly.

  • Press and hold the humidity and vapor buttons at the same time for three seconds and release to reset unit.

  • Pry out the metal contacts in the base for a tighter fit with the MFB. Sometimes the metel leads get pushed in and they do not have a good contact with the MFB

  • Check to see if the metal leads on the MFB and unit are dirty. If so,wipe off with a soft cloth.

  • Check and see if metal leads on unit are damaged

  • Turn off and unplug unit. Remove the MFB and empty water. Reinstall the MFB and push down into base. Reinstall water tank. Make sure that the tank is sitting well on the base. Plug in power cord and turn on