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Unit continuously blinks.

  • The screw cap for the water tank, which one screws in the demineralization cartridge, has a small rubber gasket. make sure that gasket is not too far down against the outer screw cap. If it is the spring loaded button would not work properly to let the water descend into the base tank .
    The solution: push up on that small rubber gasket so that it is as far up and away from the screw cap as it can be without falling off, a

  • Does the tank have water in and if they waited for about 20 minutes for the water to fill the base (If the water is gurgling then we need to wait until the gurgle stops and retry the unit). If this was done correctly, then proceed to next bullet point.

  • Unscrew cap and remove filter.

    • Look at the holes on the top the cartridge. If all holes are the same size, then most likely the filter is what is causing the unit to blink so we will need to buy a new cartridge . ( insert link to cartridge )