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Test the motor to see if it works.

Make sure the motor is removed from the rest of the unit. To find out how to remove the unit please hit the "Go Back button and select the "How to remove the motor button"...
  1. Plug the unit in to a working outlet.

  2. Push the #1 speed button on top of the motor.

  3. You now need to engage the saftey switch to start the motor.

  4. Protruding from the motor are two plastic about 3-4 inch guiding arms.

  5. Look inside the end of both of these two guiding arms. One of the arms are hollow and the other one has a white safety switch in the arm.

  6. Use a pencil or small item to push in on the safety switch.

  7. If the fan sarts to rotate the motor is still working.

  8. If the fan does not rotate then the life of the motor has probably ended and a new motor is needed. (