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Test to see if the gear is working properly.

Remove the motor. If you do not know how the motor comes out, hit the "Go Back" button and select the "How to remove the motor" option before continuing.

Check to ensure the coupling is securely attached to the gear by following these steps.
  • Turn off and unplug the unit and spin the fan with your finger.

    Are the prongs/teeth are alternating from the gear? (moving)

  • If the prongs are not alternating from the gear, push the coupling into the gear and retest it.

    If the prongs/teeth are still not alternating from the gear, the life of the gear has probably been used up. (

  • If the prongs/teeth seem to be functioning test to see if the motor could be malfunctioning by hitting the "Go Back" button and selecting " Test the motor to see if it is working." option.