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Is the Airwasher working ?

    Is the airwasher is working,
  • Do you have to add water to the unit?
If "YES" then the unit is working properly.
If "NO" What part of the unit is not working. Is it the the fan, motor, loud noise etc? Then click the "Go Back" button below and diagnose the specific problem.
  • Airwashers work by cold or natural evaporation.
    The basic principle of cold evaporation is widely acknowledged as the best method of air humidification. Moisture will only be released into the air when it is needed. Imagine a bowl of water on a overcast humid day in the middle of July. The air surronding the bowl is heavy with moisture and it might take a long time for that water to evaporate. Imagine that same bowl of water on a dry hot day. The water will evaporate very quickly because the air surrounding the bowl is dry.
    The air will not be over humidified with a cold or natural evaporation process and no residue (commonly refered to as white dust) will be released into the air.